About Elbas Tour

Founded by actor and director Murilo Elbas, Elbas Tour offers city tour services in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, the cities of GTA (Greater Toronto) and New York.

We provide private services such as airport transfer, document delivery and the like.

With Elbas Tour you will have no difficulty communicating in English. We speak Portuguese and English and we assist you in whatever it takes.

Elbas Tour fulfills your vacation dreams in Canada. You will experience Canadian life and will feel a bit Canadian as well, enjoying all major tourist attractions Ontario has to offer. We also offer trips to New York (an American Visa is required for these trips) and the option of private and customized tours.

Elbas Tour embraces you in Canada.


Murilo Elbas

Murilo Elbas is an actor, director, producer, and writer. He is best known for his role as Col. Antunes in the Golden Bear Awarded movie, Elite Squad. And also for his role as Branco, in the Top Rated soap opera, Avenida Brasil. His latest works were in the movie Getulio from director Joao Jardim, and in the movie the Pilgrim: The Best Story of Paulo Coelho, both in 2014. He has also appeared in much successful soap opera, movies and TV Series, such as Insensato Coracão, Grande Família, Malhação.

Murilo is a multifaceted actor, who is able to play roles, in various genres. His past works include comedy, action/crime, drama, romance, and even thriller. During his career, Murilo has done different and diverse roles, proving that a good actor can portray anything and anyone. Police officers, mafia boss, soccer coach, thief, politician, military, taxi driver, firefighter, gym teacher, kidnapper, hunter, police detective, musician, gay, gangster... are some examples.

As for his educational background, adding to his extensive formation in theater, Murilo Elbas has a degree in Physical Education and is a certified holistic therapist. He strongly advocates for the need of having a healthy body and mind. Adding to his work in television and theaters, Murilo has also mentored workshops to promote actor's well-being.

In 2013, Murilo Elbas embraced the challenge to move to Toronto - Canada, looking forward to expanding his portfolio. Since then, he already has some credits in commercials, festivals, theaters, feature films and short movies.